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Our Don Workforce

DONNYC Workforce

Desire of Nations, New York City (DONNYC), a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, is a Christ faith-based ministry with the mandate to empower lives with the Word of God. You can expect a warm, friendly environment and a welcoming community of people excited to see you. DONNYC is a place of worship for the young and old alike to discover their God-ordained purpose and find a ministry platform to nurture their gifts and talents for the edification of the body of Christ.

As a church, we prioritize WORship in songs, WORDship in sermons & exhortations, and FELLOWship with one another. At DONNYC, we strive to ensure that individuals are spiritually nurtured, intellectually stimulated and inspired by ensuring we incorporate creative events and programs into our services that make us heaven-bound and earthly-relevant Christians.


DON Outreach is responsible for the coordination of activities and projects geared towards helping individual church members and families, as well as individuals and families in our immediate Community and beyond. DON Outreach ensures that DONNYC positively impacts lives by meeting specific needs; especially to assure hope and dignity, facilitating the provision of Christ-centered services that promote both physical and spiritual well being. Consequently, DON Outreach team includes DON Evangelism whose vision is to spread the gospel within our communities and beyond, while in the process addressing the spiritual and physical needs of people. [Matthews 25 vs. 35]


The team is responsible for ensuring that DONNYC remains in contact with all church members, especially new members and guests. This includes the coordination of visits where appropriate and necessary. DON Guest Connections strives to remain abreast of situation of all members of the DON NYC family in a supportive but non-intrusive manner to ensure that the support of the Church remains accessible to all should the need arise. DON Guest Connections collaborates closely with the don Ushers and the DON Protocol as well as other ministries in the Church. [Galatians 5 vs.13]


With kindness and courtesy as their hallmarks, the DON Ushers are responsible for facilitating an atmosphere of order during church services and activities. This includes cordially welcoming members and guests to church as well as assisting them to comfortably find their designated seating areas effectively and efficiently with very minimal disruption to the service. DON Ushers also coordinate the process of collecting, counting and recording of offerings and tithes as well as distribution of materials during services. They consequently collaborate with a range of other departments such as the finance and administrative departments. DON Ushers maintain the records of al lservice attendance as well as other related records. [2 Corinthians 5 vs. 20, Psalm 84 vs. 10]


The team is responsible for providing logistic support to ensure that church activities are organized in conformity to requisite standards. This includes the facilitation of transportation for guest ministers and coordination of after service reception for all church members, including visitors. DON Protocol assures the creation of an ambience worthy of the worship of the Lord as well creating a welcoming environment for the ministers of God. Consequently, DON Protocol collaborates closely with DON Ushers and DON Guest Connections. [Hebrews 6 vs. 10]


The team constantly communicates with and petitions God on behalf of the church leadership and membership at large. Church members are encouraged to submit prayer points that are then collectively presented to the Lord through the various intercessory sessions including the weekly Monday evening ‘Hour of Supplication’. The DON Intercessors have a vision to empower all members to pray without ceasing and cultivate a lifestyle of prayer through a range of diverse activities including quarterly prayer retreats and weekly and monthly prayer sessions. [Ephesians 6 vs. 18, 1 Thessalonians 5 vs. 16-18]


This team coordinates the process of empowering all members of DONNYC with the Word of God. The team is responsible for facilitating the teaching and sharing of the Word as a key foundation and integral part of our vision and mission as a church. DON Rhema ensures the leveraging of opportunities for rich, deep, and constructive discussions to teach the Word. This includes the Treasures from Heaven (TFH), our Sunday School sessions, the Rhema sessions during Sunday services and the interactive weekly DON Word Café on Wednesday evenings. DON Rhema collaborates with other DON Ministries to identify and address knowledge gaps and Rhema needs of church members. [Acts 20 vs. 32]


This is the music team and they are responsible for coordinating worship of the Lord, which is a key thread in the fabric that makes up DONNYC. Worship is a defining characteristic of DONNYC because we believe that when we worship, we invite God Himself into our midst; this is a divine gift and privilege that we do not take lightly. The membership composition of DON Music reflects the diversity of New York City which we seek to represent as a family of God. [John 4 vs. 23]


DMG consists of a range of contemporary multi-media to disseminate the Word of God in an efficient and effective manner. DONNYC coordinates a plethora of media resources under its DMG umbrella that ensures that the Living Word is readily accessible to people seeking information, both within and beyond the church. DMG comprises DON Social Media (DSM), DON Power & Sounds (DPS), DON Multimedia (DMM), DON Communications (DC) and The Anointed Scribes (TAS). The team also works tirelessly to ensure that
information about all DONNYC events are appropriately communicated to all stakeholders. [1 Peter 4 vs. 10]


This team is responsible for the overall administrative coordination of all DONNYC ministries and services. This includes the management of all records including financial records and ensuring that DONNYC remains accountable to all members and conforms to all statutory requirements of RCCG, the State of New York and the US Government. DON Administration collaborates with all other DON Ministries to compile and present the church’s periodic reports. [Mark 10 vs. 45]