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DON Hearts

Women with the heart of Christ.

DoN Hearts is the women's fellowship of Desire of Nations. The Don Heart woman is a woman of all status, she is a woman who sees herself as a daughter of the Most High.
A woman who is from all walks of life and a woman that God remembers. 1 Sam 1:19b
  DON Hearts seeks to actualize a vision of a sisterhood of women who share the love of each other and the love of Christ. DON Hearts is a solution-focused sisterhood that engages in a range of diverse activities to facilitate the building of faith, relationships, family life, and God-given destinies.

[Proverbs 31 vs. 30]

She is a woman after Gods Heart
She is rooted in the word of God
She is a praying woman
She is led by the Holy Spirit
She is a blessing to herself, her family and her community

To help every DoN woman discover her calling, purpose in life and to walk victoriously in it.